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Patios and Walkways, Fire Pits and Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls and Custom Driveways are all types of ways to increase your properties appearance as well as its capabilities. Crevina Landscaping in West Milford, NJ can help turn that unused space into an area that can be enjoyed by friends and family year after year with our thoughtful landscape design expertise. We specialize in concrete paver installs but venture out into the fields of natural stone hardscaping such as bluestone or flagstone. Let Crevina Landscaping help increase your property value at the same time making it more suitable for your families needs with our hardscape and landscape design & build services.

Hardscape Ideas for Your Yard

Accent and Protect Your Garden

What are the Benefits of Edging Your Garden?


  • Increase the Value of Your Home - Lining your garden with rocks or pavers is a great way to add an aesthetically pleasing boundary for your home garden. It will improve the curb appeal of your garden by making it look more clean and attractive to the eye. When done by the right professional, defining your garden with hardscape rocks or pavers will also increase the value of your home by giving your garden a cutting edge and well defined look.

  • Strengthen your Garden - Besides just the value and beauty it adds, it will also add durability to your garden as the edging will never rot and is unlikely to break. The maintenance cost of landscape curbing, also called landscape edging, is very low. It will help prevent unwanted elements from entering your garden and will help to protect your flowers and plants.

  • Add Style to Your Garden - Garden edging will give you many flexible options to add style to your garden as well by allowing you to choose the shapes, contours and colors to accent your garden and make it a real focal point of your yard. Give us a call today to review your options and get started on improving your look!

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