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Lawn Care in West Milford, NJ

The Lawn, something most people strive to have. In our area we have a mix of cool and warm seasons which sometimes makes it hard to get that "perfect lawn". Surprisingly you and the neighbors on the right and left of you, can all have different lawn care service needs. This all depends on the soil structure in your yard as well as the grass species. 


That is where we come in! Crevina Landscaping develops our own residential lawn maintenance programs that are custom fit to your specific lawn needs. Our landscapers offer Scheduled Lawn Maintenance Services which can include mowing, thatching, aerating, fertilizing, and irrigation practices. Have pets or kids that use the lawn surface as well? We also offer completely organic fertilizer programs which allow your lawn to get the nutrients it needs without possible harm to the people or animals around it. 


Whether you would like us to do one of these residential landscape maintenance services or all we have you covered! If it is an entire overhaul you are looking for, check out our hardscaping design and build page to gain inspiration for the yard of your dreams!

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Lawn Maintenance Company?

  1. Save Yourself Time - Lawn care is not a once-and-done thing; your lawn requires year-round care and maintenance. Get back to the life you want to live and leave your lawn to a professional lawn care company.

  2. Receive Consistent Results - A lawn care professional will be able to stay on top of the care your lawn needs to stay looking good - all the time.

  3. Boost Your Home Value - Having a yard your neighbors will envy will pay for itself with the return on investment you will receive in your home property value.

  4. Save Money - A lawn care professional has all the tools they need to get the job done right; don't worry about buying every single garden and lawn care tool there is to complete the job - save yourself the money and leave it to the stocked-up pros.

  5. Get Educated Solutions - Your lawn care professional has the knowledge to solve any lawn care problem you may have; trust Crevina Landscaping to get your lawn looking great - every time!

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